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Cycling in Chesterfield

Chesterfield is a vibrant market town in North Derbyshire and has an active cycling campaign with over 300 members.

Chesterfield Cycle Campaign aims to increase the cycle infrastructure in and around the town and show that cycling is a viable and sustainable form of local transport.

These aims are enshrined in both the Local Transport Plan and Planning Policy Guidance document 13 which relates to transport. The Campaign is an official consultee for Chesterfield Borough Councils Planning Department. As such we are able to offer advice an how cycling measures can be incorporated into developments. We are also consulted by Derbyshire County Council's roads department to comment on proposed road enhancement schemes.

The Campaign's business and ideas are discussed at our monthly meetings. The meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month in Meeting Room 1, upstairs at the Market Hall, Chesterfield at 7.30pm. Agendas and minutes are available on the 'Meetings & Events' page on our website

Members of the committee regularly meet representatives of Borough and County councils at liaison meetings.

Our goal is to have a comprehensive network of good quality cycle routes linked together to enable local jouneys to be easily undertaken by bike.

Following many years of lobbying the Councils to produce a cycle map to no avail the Campaign produced two paper maps, and is now concentrating efforts on improving electronic mapping via CycleStreets & OpenCycleMap.

If you cycle anywhere in Chesterfield, then please consider becoming a member of Chesterfield Cycle Campaign. By joining, you make a contribution that benefits all cyclists in this area:

  • With greater membership numbers, the Campaign's opinions and requests for better facilities carry greater weight with the local Councils, and it helps us to demonstrate that there is real demand for these.
  • The membership fees support our volunteer activities which include attending regular Council meetings throughout the county; providing useful information and raising awareness about cycling at our stalls and events; publishing printed information such as our Chesterfield Cycle Routes map and newsletter; and holding monthly members' meetings.

If you're interested in joining the campaign, which has very modest fees of £5 per adult and £10 per family (with concessions available), please fill in the form at

Other areas …

Latest photos of the area

See also a full list of photos in this area.

Track around old pit tip

Path heading towards Poolsbrook from Seymour / Netherthorpe, can get quite muddy other side of gate, but there's a better way by going left immediately after the ballast and staying in front of the fence until access opens up a little furth ... [more]

Access linking Seymour trails and Poolsbrook Country Park over tip, can get quite muddy but only alternative is using the road.

Access over bridge towards Shuttlewood / Woodside

gravel surface track on old pit tip, great for mountain biking or walking

decent surface track leading around lower edges of tip, great for mountain biking

Secure fence and well locked gate onto Buttermilk Lane

Cleared section of old railway at Markham Vale. M1 motorway in the distance

Cleared section of railway line, looking south.

Footpath that leads from river Doe Lea west flood bank to the branch line

Public footpath at side of Bolsover branch line, recently cleared, included ramped surface down from old railway line.. Footpath leads down onto Seymour Link Road.

Recently cleared old public footpath providing access from Bolsover branch line to Seymour Link Road

Exit from Queen’s Park sports centre on shared path towards the Queen’s Park. Showing construction and guard rail.

Shared route entering the Queen’s Park sports centre. Cycle arrow shows way to cycle parking.

Entry to Queen’s Park cycle route from Hipper Valley Trail. This route leads to the ‘new’ sports centre.

Old footbridge over ditch/brook. Was overgrown with brambles and grass. Part of a disused public footpath from the old Markham Lane before it was rerouted, Could provide useful access from the Bolsover branch line. The wood seems rotten dow ... [more]

Bolsover branch line / Stockley Trail extension, looking towards Poolsbrook/Seymour Link Road.

Stockley trail extension looking towards Poolsbrook/M1 underpass.

Bridge over Rother from Crow Lane - no signage and poor surface.

Route that is not signed well along Tapton Terrace - poor road surface

Tapton Terrace which is designated as part of the TPT into town centre but has no signs as an alternative route to Brimington Road. Road surface is poor.

Sign to Railway Station from Tapton Terrace

Sign looking down Corporation Street towards Railway Station

Signpost at end of bridge over A61 - where do cyclists go - not clear?? See #10524

CP goes to right from bridge over A61 from slip road and Corporation Street - no signage on approach, have to look to right to see where CP goes? See #10525

Entrance to bridge with central bollard - shared path

Sign at point where Local 4 crosses slip road

Point where Local 4 crosses slip road to A61 to go over bridge

View of CP up Crow Lane from Station

NCN67 looking from Railway Station crossing up Crow Lane

NCN67 and Local 4 crossing to Railway Station

Bike lane on Coronation Street towards town, Note no lane to left down Crow Lane to Railway Station - have to go round RB then sharp left onto CP to Station?

On-road CP at roundabout Brimington Road, Brewery Street, Malkin Road

Old railway line from Bolsover towards Poolsbrook/Seymour Link Road.

According to recent ordnance survey maps there is a footpath crossing over the river Doe Lea here, but it looks like it's there hasn't been any access across here for some time, can see some evidence that a bridge was here...

M1 underpass towards Seymour Link Road from Doe Lea flood bank

Track way up to Seymour Link Road

Access from the Clough that could so easily be upgraded to encourage cycling

looking north along a connecting path towards several housing roads off Hady Lane.. which all appear connected together

Just after the exit from Hady Lane looking along the line of the disused railway towards the bridge over Dingle Lane

Along the line of the track bed looking towards the crossing point of Hady Lane

looking back down at an obviously regularly used access point to housing off Spital Lane

the gravel riders would love this...

A very cycleable old track bed

Split in the path, to the right is Hartington road ,the path left heads towards Alexandra road East and the old railway

Footpath offering access into Hady primary School - too narrow for cycling at the moment, but could be readily increased in width by removal of the horrible pre-cast concrete fence on the south side, and some widening of the path

the official surfaced footpath, with an informal track to the south.. interestingly regularly illuminated making it an attractive proposition to upgrade to shared use

this muddy track runs parallel to the official footpath around Spital Park and is obviously widely used by locals

Footpath alongside the access road into Hady primary School - too narrow for cycling at the moment, but could be readily increased in width by removal of the horrible pre-cast concrete fence on the south side, and some widening of the path

Footpath alongside the access road into Hady primary School - too narrow for cycling at the moment, but could be readily increased in width by removal of the horrible pre-cast concrete fence on the south side, and some widening of the path

the end of Harvey Road... a teasing piece of land potentially offering a cycleable connection up to Hady Hill and the Hospital perhaps?

Path between Hady Hill and Harvey Road

Splitter island in the centre of Hady Hill offers an acceptable crossing point, although not controlled

A little Shortcut?

Disappointingly marked as no-cycling, yet this path could offer an excellent upgraded cycling link from Derby Road to the station, and from Spital and Hady into the Town Centre

first section of path certainly could be wide enough to enable cycling

currently narrow, but room to improve to enable cycling

narrow section of path

Could this position offer a clue to an improved exit of this footpath onto Spital Lane to enable cycling along this route

a narrow path, that has some scope to increase in width to enable shared use

Bridge - in reasonable condition

potential connectivity to Hollis Lane Toucan crossing and the railway station, although this route currently cuts short and exits on Spital Lane

A potentially cycleable route (After some improvements)

I wonder if that streetlamp is functional ?

Path looking towards crossing of Clayton Street

Path crossing of Clayton St close to industrial unit accesses. The walkers painted onto the tarmac wouldn't be obvious to traffic, rendering them a little pointless

A rather narrow section of path, but there is some scope to widen a little. Standing water a problem, but as this path sits up above an adjacent river it shouldn't be a big challenge to improve the drainage

A path in need of some maintenance, looking towards the Underbridge beneath Chesterfields railway line

Railway underbridge.... somewhat dark and depressing, but surprisingly seems fairly tidy beneath, I expected more evidence of ant-social behaviour

At the foot of an essential overbridge that crosses two busy dual carriageways and connects to the Hipper Valley Cycleway

The base of a somewhat unloved but very valuable need of some TLC

bridge over the hipper - adequate width to enable shared walking/cycling

Looking in the direction of other paths that wouldn't be too difficult to link into and create a new piece of shared infrastructure to enable segregated safe cycling between Spital and Chesterfield Station

An informal path that could perhaps be used to create a new piece of cycling infrastructure?

informal path running parallel to the Rother

Looking up from an informal path towards the Toucan crossing on Hollis Lane.. A possible location for a new bit of segregated infrastructure perhaps?

Informal path offering a clue towards the potential space for a new off road shared cycle path running alongside the River Rother, linking Spital with the Railway station without the need to share a road

More barriers

Shared use trail parallel to the River Rother

A fairly pleasant shared use trail, just in need of a tickle to keep from becoming overgrown and slippy from leaf litter

unnecessary barriers?

Are these type of barriers really necessary?

Old railway line from Hady Lane going towards Dingle Lane

Access from Hady Lane towards Dingle Lane

Narrow access onto Hady Lane

Access onto Hady Lane

Looking towards Hady Lane, flat land, ideal for a cycle path between Spital and Hady

Ideal flat access between Spital and Hady Lane, just needs a bit of clearance

Plenty of space between the trees to create a flat and wide cycle path between Spital and Hady

Path from Alexandra Road East leading towards Hady, a much flatter route than the old railway line

Path to Alexandra Road East from Hady

Path through the trees to Spital from Hady, narrow in places but flat land and there's scope for a wider quite direct path to be created without losing many well established trees.

Path from Hady to Spital, needs a little clearance in places but otherwise a generally flat route, many of the trees can be avoided if a slightly different and maybe more direct route is chosen

Current path from Hady to Spital through trees

Path from Hady Lane to Spital through trees, quite flat and direct, albeit restricted in places for cycling currently.

Quite steep hill up to Hady Lane on old railway line

Steep incline onto Alexandra Road East, not really suitable for cycling

Old railway line, now a footpath between Hady and Spital

Old railway line between Spital and Hady

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